MergerWare, invites leading M&A advisory and consulting firms to join forces to better serve M&A professionals in their important and complex work. The overall desire is to establish and drive simple and no-fee collaboration–with a belief that both parties capture significant and equal benefits by partnering


Finder’s Fee

Receive a finder’s fee by referring interested clients to MergerWare


Maintain on going contact with the client and lower the threshold for re-engagement for a new project on MergerWare

Service Delivery

Support efficient service delivery (e.g., the firm’s model playbook on MergerWare ready to be used in client cases)


Engage in marketing collaboration with MergerWare to reach out to wider audiences e.g. joint webinars, co-authored content, presentations to the MergerWare training and MergerWare Community audiences


Gain visibility by being present on MergerWare’s website that has large number of monthly visitors interested in efficient and impactful M&A, often senior M&A and corporate development executives across the globe


Enhance competitive advantage and positioning as a firm with a cutting-edge approach to using modern technology to drive M&A

Current Partners

Global PMI Partners (GPMIP) delivers premier post-merger integration, divestments, carve-outs and transformation services through “best-in-class” expertise. Based out of 15 offices worldwide, GPMIP consultants are directly involved in major local and international acquisitions, providing advisory services through decades of experience conducting PMI projects

Global PMI Partners specializes in Post-Merger Integration. Our Partners are post-deal M&A experts within their respective countries, and are often the only PMI specialists outside the major consultancies. Global PMI Partners is supported by a network of Associates with M&A experience in areas such as M&A IT, M&A Change Management, M&A HR working as independent consultants that work with us on cross-border mergers, acquisitions and divestitures

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