PMI is a critical aspect of mergers; it involves combining the original socio-technical systems of the merging organizations into one newly combined system.The process of combining two or more organizations into a single organization involves several organizational systems, such as assets, people, resources, tasks, and the supporting information technology.

Integration often requires a daunting degree of effort and coordination, MergerWare brings the best in class platform that empowers the teams to efficiently and successfully manage this phase of M&A

MergerWare enables you to…

  • Clearly define your post deal plans using either inbuilt playbooks or your custom playbook
  •  Integration can be planned at IMO / function / work stream level/task level
  • Align goals at all levels by efficiently using your resources and defining responsibilities to individual team members and leaders
  • Execution of integration plan, identification of risk and issues and collaboration of all stakeholder in secure workspace
  • Track Progress from Task level till Deal level in real time
  • Track contracts and TSA’s easily
  • Identify and track deal synergy and financial synergy within the platform


Playbook Manager

MergerWare provides extensive templates for all phases of M&A along with regular updates to all its customer free of cost so that they are up to date with the best practices in the industry.


Customers can create their custom playbooks from their existing process in matter of hours and import it into the system


MergerWare also allows its customers to export their playbooks and save them for further use thereby promoting standardization in their M&A processes

Deal Manager

MergerWare allows you to Plan integration on an IMO / function / work stream level/task level, which ensures that goals and charters are defined at each level and tracked independently


Dependencies can be identified and managed efficiently using the platform


Smart scheduling and Critical path tracking are an integral part of the platform


Progress can be tracked in conjunction with system analytics right from task level till deal level allowing you to take informed decisions


Entire Platform is configurable Stages,Roles,Permissions,Reports,Playbook

Risk and Issue Tracker

MergerWare manages a multilevel risk and Issue register so that the right set of leader manage the right level of the tracker


Identification of the Risk/Issue its assignment and mitigation plan execution can be tracked seamlessly using the platform

Virtual Data Room (VDR) Integration

MergerWare implements a unique concept of Multilevel VDR which makes searching and management of Documents much easier and powerful than the Traditional VDR systems


The VDR system is tightly integrated with role based access control so that you can decide who uploads, download or views documents


An advanced email based notification/alert helps keep track when a document is uploaded /downloaded/viewed

Financial and Synergy Tracker

We understand that Value tracking in the form of Financial aspects or Synergy is the key to a successful integration


Our inbuilt tracker allows customers the flexibility to define and track them  as per their deal requirements


MergerWare has commenting, discussion boards and live chat capabilities for seamless flow of information


An advanced email based notification/alert system is also in place so that you don’t miss any communication even when you are offline

Analysis and Reporting

The advanced Analytics engine of MergerWare possess powerful Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to provide you real time analytical data and analysis report in a matter of seconds, whenever you need


Executive Reporting allows you to track real time progress of Deals without going through the pains of assimilating and drawing graphs in excel sheets


Status Reporting allows leaders to report to their higher management at regular interval encompassing all the Highlights worth reporting