We understand your need to continuously identify prospects and have detailed information about them before zeroing in on the deal. MergerWare allows you to identify all such prospects ,track them at one place and take informed decision.

Before the deal is signed, the acquirer should already form different workstreams to discuss with the target various aspects of taking control and transition as well as integration of front and back offices, with associated resource and costs quantified. The synergies and post-deal operational improvement opportunities should also be identified and the benefits estimated, with concrete plans formulated to capture them, and reporting process designed to track the execution of these plans.

 MergerWare can be used both for Diligence & Reverse Diligence so that you can securely plan and execute your due diligence process whether you are on the buy side or the sell side.

Mergerware enables you to…

  • Clearly define your due diligence plans using either inbuilt playbooks or your custom playbook

  • Efficiently use your resources by defining responsibilities to individual team members on both the buy and sell side

  • Powerful document management capabilities integrated with role based access system for secure share and exchange of documents

  • Progress can be tracked in real time, which promotes transparency and accountability

  • Identify Risk and Issues to reduce gaps going into integration and realize synergy better

Key Platform features that MergerWare uses in Pre-deal phase

Playbook Manager

MergerWare provides extensive templates for all phases of M&A along with regular updates to all its customer free of cost so that they are up to date with the best practices in the industry


Customers can create their custom playbooks from their existing process in matter of hours and import it into the system


MergerWare also allows its customers to export their playbooks and save them for further use thereby promoting standardization in their M&A processes

Virtual Data Room (VDR) Integration

MergerWare implements a unique concept of Multilevel VDR which makes searching and management of Documents much easier and powerful than the Traditional VDR systems


The VDR system is tightly integrated with role based access control so that you can decide who uploads, download or views documents


An advanced email based notification/alert helps keep track when a document is uploaded /downloaded/viewed


The VDR system can be used both for Diligence & Reverse Diligence process so that you can use it even if you are a buyer or seller

Seller/Buyer Communication

Buyer and Seller communication had never been simpler. MergerWare has commenting, discussion boards and live chat capabilities for seamless flow of information


An advanced email based notification/alert system is also in place so that you don’t miss any communication even when you are offline

Analysis and Reporting

The advanced Analytics engine of MergerWare possess powerful Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to provide you real time analytical data and analysis report in a matter of seconds, whenever you need


Meetings had never been more productive -any data you desire, any report you expect is available