Hard Deals Require Soft Skills

Hard Deals Require Soft Skills


During a merger, an often ignored point is soft skills. Are you killing a potentially good merger by failing to integrate two cultures? How does one make sure that differences in culture and philosophy don’t spoil all the good work? A business could be a strategic fit, but mergers tend to fail if the buyer is not able to successfully integrate two cultures together. Corporate philosophies often collide during a merger, therefore soft skills are required to manage the expectation of buyers and sellers. In the upcoming webinar, Peter Harbula will address the right approach towards integrating corporate philosophies and culture.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Why are soft skills so important in successfully integrating a deal?
  2.  How culture and negotiations must be managed to achieve the objectives of the deal?
  3. Concrete steps to handle cultural differences across different demographics
  4. Other soft skills to make a deal work under a varied business 

Who Should Attend: 

  1. C-Suite Executives 
  2. M&A Executives 
  3. Corporate Development Teams 
  4. Private Equity Portfolio Managers 
  5. Any organization planning to build M&A integration internal capabilities 
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