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WEBINAR: Post-Merger Integration: Key Points to a Successful Acquisition

MergerWare and The M&A Advisor recently came together to conduct an important webinar featuring Cedric Collange, Head of M&A, KNDS, where we discussed plans for successful integrations and how to address the challenges that inevitably arise.
The M&A process is one of the most challenging activities an organization undergoes and achieving the stated goals of an acquisition add additional challenges on top of an already difficult process. The enormous investment of time and resources, in an incredibly competitive environment, make achieving the goal and achieving it quickly a daunting task.
Organizing early and involving the right teams have proven to help M&A transactions succeed. During this webinar attendees we addressed on :

  1.  Identifying and addressing the critical factors for a successful acquisition
  2.  Delivering on the strategic intent
  3.  Achieving synergy and recommendations to create Value
  4.  Balancing speed of execution with quality outcomes. 

For those of you who missed out on this, we bring to you a recording of the webinar:

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