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WEBINAR: Strategise value creation through IT Due-Diligence & Integration

IT can be a leading vehicle for growth and value creation if leveraged effectively in transactions

IT Due-Diligence and Integration are critical and significant undertakings, with the acquirer wanting to get quickly up and running to meet deal objectives. However integration planning and execution still is cited as number one cause of deal failure. In earlier years the success of post-merger integration and due diligence in IT used to be truly daunting, however, currently the dynamics are changing, with companies having learnt to face the IT integration challenge early on. In 2018, IT integration has been often quoted to be the reasons behind deal success and synergy realisation.

1) How are companies mobilizing differently to achieve M&A IT Integration
2) The importance of M&A framework
3) How to leverage IT due diligence to ensure value creation and synergy targets are achiveables
4) IT integration – the present and the future of how M&A deals will be done



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