MergerWare introduces a SaaS based secure enterprise digital M&A platform dedicated towards management & execution of M&A deals

The platform allows companies to run systematic deal discovery, due diligence and post-merger integration all within the same platform

With MergerWare, companies are able to establish a recurring high quality M&A process that diminishes the risks that come bundled along with traditional approach of deal management


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Product Features

Cloud based

Access anywhere any time , Flexibility is our mantra


World class security for all your data, certified by the best in the industry

Role based access

Right Information for the right people


Configure the entire platform right from playbook, Stages, Roles,Reports etc to suit your organizational needs


Interactive Dashboards and Reports ,providing all information right at your fingertips

Workflow Management

Manage your activities, dependencies  in a systematic way

Easy playbook creation

KPI and Performance Tracking

Track all your deal specific KPI and deal performance in real time

Document Management

Manage all your documents within our secure built in Virtual Data Room

People and Team Management

Manage your teams workload and allocation right within the platform and track there performance

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