Post-merger integration (PMI) is, perhaps, the most critical aspect of the merger process. A successful outcome involves combining the original socio-technical systems of the merging organizations into one newly combined system.

Integration requires a daunting degree of effort and coordination. To get it right means incorporating several organizational systems, such as assets, people, resources, tasks, and the supporting information technology.

MergerWare brings the best in class platform that empowers the teams to efficiently and successfully manage this phase of M&A.

  • Align goals at all levels by efficiently using your resources and defining responsibilities to individual team members and leaders
  • Clearly define deal plans using either inbuilt playbooks or custom playbook
  • Track progress from task level till deal level in real time
  • Track contracts and TSA’s easily
  • Integration can be planned at IMO/function/work stream level/task level

Identify and track deal synergy and financial synergy within the platform. Execution of
integration plan, identification of risk and issues and collaboration of all stakeholder in secure

Achieve the most successful integration possible by planning the integration strategy from the start

Maximize your playbook

Access extensive templates of all phases of M&A process. Create custom playbooks or upload one, save existing processes for future use, thereby standardize your M&A process.

Define and meet all Goals and Charters

Plan your deal’s integration on an IMO/function/work stream/task level to ensure goals and charters are defined at each level and tracked independently.

Identify and manage dependencies

Smart scheduling and critical path tracking are an integral part of the platform and progress can be tracked in conjunction with system analytics from the task level to the deal level allowing you to make better informed decisions.

Align leadership to resolve issues

Utilize the multi-level risk and issue register to identify risks and issue, assign ownership, aligning leadership around the right level of issue resolution and track its resolution against an established mitigation plan.

Set Goals and track performance

Tracking value in the form of financial or synergy aspect are key to a successful integration. The inbuilt tracker defines and tracks target deal outcomes.

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